So you want to learn a little bit more about RFKN Fit and the creator behind it…

Well you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Jordan Arenas. I am the owner and founder of RFKN Fit. And as the CEO of this place I got one thing to say to you

I want to give you a Big Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart!

I know there is many places you can be right now, but you are here on this blog and that means a lot to me!

So once again, Thank You.

Now lets get the party started…

So welcome to RFKN Fit. My belief is that fitness doesn’t just have to be about sweat and gains. (Don’t get me wrong. I love the gym and putting in the work) But it should also be about embracing the fun, laughter, and joys of the adventure along the way.

And my goal with this blog is to help you become the best version of yourself.

I’ve had a big passion for fitness all my life. (I admit I’ve slipped off the gain train here and there, but honestly who hasn’t)

And my passion for fitness lead me to creating RFKN Fit as a place where I can share my experiences, expertise, and knowledge with the world around me. I wanted to create a place where like minded individuals looking to change their lives for the better through fitness can come, and hang out.

This blog was created with that in mind. I want it to be your go to resource. You’ll be able to find content related to workouts, nutrition, motivation, mindset, recipes, meal prep ideas, and more here on my site.

Here at RFKN Fit I want to help you create habits that stick and turn fitness into a life long lifestyle that you enjoy. I want you to feel good about yourself, and build unbreakable self confidence in your life. Where you feel like super man (or super woman) where you can accomplish any goal you put your mind to.

Together, we’ll be able to break down mental barriers, conquer challenges, and unlocked the hidden power and potential sitting inside of you. The best version of yourself is just waiting around the corner waiting to be unleashed.

So I hope you are ready to sweat, laugh, and grow into your new self. And remember fitness is a lifelong adventure. With the right mindset, and a dash of fun sprinkled in. This journey will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

And I’ll be right here to help you stay motivated and inspired!

I look forward to hearing about your success!

Jordan Arenas
Owner and Founder of RFKN Fit