Pre-Workout Before Bed: Avoid It Or Can You Take It?

With so many different brands of pre-workout. Each of them contains different ingredients and makes different claims. It’s no wonder this question gets asked a ton within the community.

Taking a pre-workout before bed can be a problem if you take a pre-workout with stimulants. High levels of caffeine and other stimulants before bed will impact your sleep quality. But there are stim-free Pre-workout supplements that you can take before bed.

Depending on your situation you might be wondering how late you can take pre-workout supplements, when is the best time to take them, and which type is best for you.

Don’t worry I got you covered. Read on to learn everything you want about getting a restful night’s sleep while enjoying this awesome supplement.

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How Late Is Too Late To Take Pre-Workout Supplements With Stimulants

Depending on the dosage of caffeine and other stimulants in the pre-workout you are taking. You will want to ensure you take these pre-workouts hours before laying your head on the bed.

A general rule of thumb is that you want to make sure there are at least 6-8 hours from consuming caffeine and other stimulants to when you want to go to bed.

So for example, if you plan on heading to bed around 10 p.m. You’ll want to make sure you’ve drank your pre-workout by 2 p.m.

This will ensure your body has ample time to let the stimulants run their course through your body.

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Why You Can’t Sleep After Taking Pre-Workouts

The reason you can’t sleep after taking a pre-workout supplement is most likely because of these reasons:

  • You are taking pre-workout with high amounts of stimulants
  • You are taking these kinds of pre-workouts close to bedtime
  • Your tolerance to caffeine and stimulants is very low

These are the 3 main reasons you most likely can’t sleep after a pre-workout if you want to take advantage of pre-workout at night but also want a good night’s rest.

Then I suggest finding a pre-workout supplement without any stimulants.

Switch to a Stim-Free Pre-Workout Supplement

Your best bet when taking pre-workout at night is to switch to a stim-free pre-workout. Taking a stim-free pre-workout will help you fall asleep if you have had trouble sleeping with regular pre-workouts.

You will still get all the added benefits of increased blood flow, increase in exercise performance, delayed muscle fatigue, and muscle pumps without the boost in energy from the stimulants.

So this is the perfect solution for you if you need to do an evening workout because of your schedule.

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Try To Take Pre-Workout In The Mornings

If you are a fan of taking pre-workout supplements with stimulants. Then your best bet to take pre-workout is either early in the morning or the latest I would recommend is at least early in the afternoon around 2 pm-3 pm if you want to get to bed by at least 10 pm.

This schedule is your best bet if you still want all the benefits of regular pre-workout supplements to fulfill your high-intensity exercise.

How Long Does A Pre Workout Supplement Last

This will depend on a wide variety of factors like:

  • The amount of caffeine within the pre-workout
  • Are there any other stimulants in the pre-workout supplements you are taking
  • You’re tolerance to ingredients

Every pre-workout supplement has its own blend of unique ingredients. But typically the effects of a pre-workout can last for 2-4 hours.

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Other Common Questions About Taking A Pre Workout Supplement At Night

Below are some common questions I’ve seen floating around on the web about most pre-workout supplements and trouble sleeping.

So I’ll do my best to cover the rest of the questions I’ve seen about how you can fall asleep and still take pre-workout at night.

How Long Does Pre-Workout Last Before Bed

The effects of pre-workout typically can last 2-4 hours. But the half-life and how long it takes your body to process stimulants can take up to 6-8 hours.

So even if you do not feel the effects of the pre-workout at night. Taking pre-workout too close to bedtime can still affect your sleep quality.

This is why the back of pre-workout packaging usually recommends not taking pre-workout 8 hours before your typical bedtime.

Does Pre-Workout Without Caffeine Keep You Awake

What’s great about stim-free supplements is that you can take them before bed, which will not keep you awake. This is a great way to take a pre-workout at night, especially if you plan a late-night workout.

Stim-free pre-workout supplements were designed especially for these types of situations. Just make sure you are taking pre-workout supplements with zero stimulants.

Trust me…

It happens from first-hand experience.

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Does Pre Workout At Night Affect Sleep Quality

If you take a pre-workout at night with stimulants, this can affect your sleep quality. This is especially true if you take your pre-workout close to bedtime.

If you need to take pre-workout supplements close to bedtime. Then I suggest looking at stim-free pre-workouts like I have mentioned above.

These pre-workout supplements are great to use close to bedtime without the risk of losing sleep.

Final Thoughts On Is It Bad To Take Pre-Workouts At Night

My goal with this blog post was to inform you about the differences between stim-free pre-workouts and regular pre-workouts.

By now you should know all you need to know about taking pre-workout at night and what you should do if you want to take pre-workout before bed.

If you made it this far. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post! It means the world to me. And I hope you enjoy the rest of the content I put on my blog.

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