Protein Bars Without Working Out: Is It Bad Or Good?

This is a common question asked among people who have just started working out or implementing protein bars into their eating habits.

There is no requirement to workout when eating a protein bar. Protein bars are a great way to get additional protein intake in your diet along with other macronutrients. Whatever your fitness goals may be. Protein bars are a convenient way to help with a balanced diet.

Yup, you heard that right! Protein bars are not bad to eat, even if you do not plan on exercising. But there are a few things I want you to keep in mind. Especially if you have specific fitness goals.

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Can You Eat Protein Bars Without Working Out

Go ahead and enjoy that protein bar of yours. Working out and exercising are not required to enjoy this healthy alternative to a snack.

And people do just that! They eat protein bars to replace snicker bars, candy bars, etc. Everybody can benefit from them. You do not have to be a gym rat, powerlifter, or Iron Man athlete to eat them.

There are so many different reasons why people would want to eat and enjoy protein bars.

But keep in mind. Overeating can lead to weight gain, especially if you are not exercising, counting macros, or counting calories.

So let’s talk a little bit about that. Just so you are aware.

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What Happens If You Eat Protein Bars But Don’t Exercise

Just like with any food you would eat. It’ll go into your belly, and your body will digest it into energy, aka calories for your body to use throughout the day.

Some reasons why people eat protein bars are:

  • A healthier alternative to candy bars. Enjoy the same texture, feel, and taste of candy bars without the macronutrients of one.
  • Help with hitting their protein goals. It can be used as healthy snacks to help you hit your protein intake while you are on a cut trying to burn off fat or in a bulk trying to build muscle mass.
  • For convenience: Eating protein bars is a convenient source of protein and other nutrients.

Protein bars are so versatile you can use them on a cut or bulk.

But if you are not exercising and you are not counting your calories.

Then there may be a chance you might overeat and start putting on weight. This doesn’t have to do with not exercising and more because of the fact that you are not tracking the foods you eat.

It’s easy to eat 1 or 2 protein bars in a day. And these protein bars can vary from 200-400 calorie count in one bar. So, if you are not tracking, that could mean an additional 400-600 calories daily. This can lead to weight gain if you are not careful!

Also another tip is to be sure to look at the protein bars you are eating.

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Making Sure Your Protein Bars Are Not Just A Candy Bar

Not all protein bars are created equal. Check out the nutrition facts label and look at the macros. You want something high in protein while being low in sugar and fats.

Some bars are just candy bars but with more protein. Then, they are marketed like protein bars because of the extra protein these bars contain.

Please keep this in mind and be on the lookout for it.

Here’s a quick story as to why I bring this up…

I had a friend who was trying to lose weight on his own. He wasn’t tracking calories or anything like that. He decided to move around and eat better. (I told him that not tracking was his first mistake.)

He was doing well with his progress the first few months.

Then, he wanted to get a bit more severe and watched a YouTube video that inspired him to increase his protein intake.

He thought a protein bar would be the perfect post-workout snack. (I mean, he is not wrong.)

He went to the local snack aisle and looked through it. He found one protein bar he thought would taste good and purchased it.

He liked it so much that he decided to buy a box of them from Costco. A few months later, he started having trouble losing weight.

He reached out to me, and I saw what he was eating. It was one of the bars marketed as a meal-replacement protein bar.

It was a candy bar with a little protein added.

I tell you this story to avoid the same mistake.

If you’re eating protein bars and not working out, ensure you’re at least tracking your calories and choosing protein bars with a good amount of protein while being low in fats and sugars.

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My Favorite Protein Bar To Eat Even When I’m Not Exercising

I personally look for protein bars that are around 200 calories. Also, I’m looking for something where most of the bar’s calories are protein.

This is personally what I like to look for in protein bars. Many protein bars meet what I look for in a bar.

But the best tasting in my experience has to be these bars here: I’ll link to the article on my favorite bars once it is published.

Try it out for yourself! If you do, be sure to let me know. I would love to know what you thought about them.

Some Other Common Questions I See About Eating Protein Bars

Below are just a few questions I see being asked on the web.

I’m sure you should understand this topic better by now.

But just in case, I went ahead and restated some of what I’ve already talked about from another perspective, just to be extra precise.

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Is It Bad To Just Eat A Protein Bar

Nope, not at all. Many protein bars have become my only post-workout snack over the years.

However, I am still getting real food later on throughout the day.

But eating a bar to hold you over for your real food is fine.

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Are Protein Bars Better Than Snacks

Suppose you are thinking about eating traditional junk snacks like chips or candy bars. Then, most protein bars may be the better option for you and your diet.

Protein bars can be healthier than traditional snacks like potato chips, snicker bars, Twix, gummy worms, etc. They contain better macronutrients than these snacks; some bars even contain dietary fiber.

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Will I Gain Weight If I Eat A Protein Bar Everyday

I’ve gone through a lot of protein bars over my lifetime. And I can assure you.

Eating protein bars every day will not make you gain weight in itself. Gaining weight is due to eating a surplus of calories over your maintenance amount. That is the actual cause of weight gain, and it is not from the protein bar itself.

You can use protein bars to lose weight, but you can also use it to gain weight. Protein bars itself is not the thing responsible for your weight gain.

You need to make sure you are eating in a calorie deficit if you want to lose weight, and you need to eat in a calorie surplus if your goal is to gain weight.

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