Can You Freeze Protein Shakes: Tips, Tricks, And More

If you’re tired of busting out the blender every time, you must make a single protein shake. Then, you might have wondered if you can make protein shakes in bulk and just freeze them.

In general, you can freeze protein shakes without negatively affecting the shake’s protein content. Your body will still be able to digest and absorb protein, as usual. The benefit of freezing protein shakes is being able to make them in bulk and have them ready to drink on the go.

This is good news for you if you’ve been wanting to freeze protein shakes in bulk. Also, an added benefit when you freeze protein shakes is they’ll be cold and refreshing when you are ready to enjoy them.

The rest of this post will go over how to freeze protein shakes properly and tips for storing a frozen protein shake, and we’ll address a few other concerns some people have about frozen protein.

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How To Freeze Your Protein Shakes

When freezing protein shakes. You’ll want to have all your ingredients ready to go. This includes your protein powders, water or milk, any fruits or veggies you plan on adding, and any other ingredients you may want to put in your protein shake.

The next step you’ll want to do is make sure you…

Immersion Blender Whisk And Accessories

Properly Mix Your Protein Shake

This is crucial for enjoying a smooth, consistent texture when making your protein shakes, especially if you plan on adding a lot of other ingredients to your protein shake.

I recommend using either a blender that can make a big batch at one time (around 2-4 servings of your protein shake), or you can use an immersion blender as well to mix all the ingredients of your protein shake into one smooth consistency.

Now you are going to want to use a freezer-safe container to…

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Portion Them Out

You’ll want to portion out your protein shake into whatever container you’ve chosen. This will make freezing protein shakes much easier since you’ll end up with individual portions you can just thaw out and take on the go.

Once you’ve portioned out your protein shakes, all that’s left to do is pop them into the freezer overnight.

The next morning, you should have frozen protein shakes ready to be enjoyed whenever and wherever you please.

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Tips For Storing And Freezing Protein Shakes

Below are a few tips when it comes to freezing protein shakes.

Follow these tips to give you the best possible experience when it comes to freezing protein shakes and enjoying them later on.

The first thing you really want to consider is what type of container you are going to use…

Use freezer-safe containers

There are many containers you can choose from when freezing protein shakes, but I want to make sure you are safe and be sure to use a container that can safely be frozen.

Here are the popular containers to use:

Lots Of Plastic Cups With Straws And Juice

Plastic Cups/Bottles

Plastic cups are very resilient. They’ll have no issues when it comes to trying to freeze protein shakes. And they can easily be taken on the go if you are in a rush and want to enjoy your frozen shake somewhere else.

Mason Jars With Straws And Different Color Drinks

Mason jars

Mason jars are another popular option when it comes to choosing the right container for freezing protein powder and shakes.

Just be sure to use the correct type of mason jars that can be safely put in the freezer. Most people recommend the jars without “shoulders” which allows the contents of the container to expand freely.

And just like the plastic cups. These can be taken on the go, and you can enjoy your frozen protein shakes wherever you go.

A drawback is they usually tend to take up a lot of space in your freezer.

3 Clear Ziplock Bags

Ziplock Bags/Plastic Bags

Another popular option is to use ziplock or plastic bags to store your frozen protein shakes.

The great thing about plastic bags is it saves a lot of space.

But at the end of the day, you can choose whatever container you want to freeze protein shakes in. Just make sure you are using one that is a safe and convenient way for you.

Leave Room Liquid To Expand

Also, when you are freezing protein powder and your shakes, it’s important to remember to leave room in your container to allow the liquid to expand.

This will prevent you from ruining or breaking containers when storing your protein shakes.

Expiration Date On Can

Label And Date

Another good practice when making protein shakes is to label and date your containers. This will let you know how old your frozen protein shake is and whether you should still drink it.

This leads us to the next question most people have about frozen protein shakes.

How Long Does A Frozen Protein Shake Last

It’s good to know how long you can store your protein shakes, especially when making them in bulk.

Typically, when you freeze protein powder with other ingredients, you’ll have around a 3-month shelf life for your frozen protein shake. If you make big batches of frozen protein shakes, then this will give you plenty of time to go through your supply before needing to make more.

Just be sure to label and date your shakes to ensure your shakes are still fresh and ready to be consumed.

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Protein Shake Frozen: How To Defrost

The easiest and smartest way to defrost your protein shake is to put it on the countertop or fridge overnight to allow your shake time to defrost.

Be sure to thoroughly mix it once again after defrosting to ensure a smooth consistency and texture.

The last thing you want to do is try and microwave your protein shake to defrost it faster. The texture changes, and you might have a chunky, clumpy disaster.

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Why Is My Protein Shake Chunky

If you are suffering from a chunky protein shake.

Then it’s probably because of one of the reasons I’ve discussed in this blog post here: Why is my protein shake chunky?

You’ll learn everything you want about why protein shakes tend to get chunky and how to avoid it.

There are many factors, but the number one reason is that the protein powder was not mixed thoroughly enough.

But if you still have problems with chunky shakes, then look at that post since it might be one of the other reasons.

Does A Frozen Protein Shake Denature The Protein

You can safely freeze protein powder, and all of its nutritional value will still be there for your body to digest and absorb.

Freezing your protein is a great way to enjoy cold protein shakes on the go. And since whey protein is so versatile. There are even people who will freeze protein powder to be able to enjoy protein ice cream.

3 Scoops Of Ice Cream In Waffle Cones

Can You Freeze Protein Shakes To Make Ice Cream

Protein powder is a popular ingredient to try and make ice cream with. So, I’m not surprised at the popularity of this question.

Freezing protein shakes is a great way to make ice cream packed with protein. You can either make a protein shake or add protein powder to a normal ice cream mix. And use that in a traditional ice cream maker or something like a ninja creami to make ice cream with.

You also have the option to try and use the good old-school method of making ice cream by using two bags, salt, and ice. But trust me, an ice cream maker or a ninja creami will save time and a lot of frustration.

3 Ice Cubes Stacked

Final Thoughts On Freezing A Protein Shake

By now, you should have all your questions answered about whether you can freeze protein shakes and protein powder.

If you plan on making protein shakes in bulk. The freezing protein shakes are a great way to keep them fresh for up to three months.

And making your protein shakes in bulk saves you a lot of time and clean up that you normally would if you tried to make them daily.

Also, you’ve learned why it’s important to use a safe container when it comes to freezing a protein shake and how to properly defrost it.

I’m confident you have everything you need to know about protein powder and shakes, especially if you made it all the way to the end of this post.

Just be sure you remember the thawing process and do not microwave protein powder in the microwave, or else it can turn into a big mess.

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