Green Tea Power: Can You Put Matcha In Your Protein Shake

Have you ever wanted to mix matcha green tea powder into your protein shake? Well, I’ve got good news for you!

You can easily mix matcha powder with any protein powder to make a protein shake. Matcha powder blends easily with milk or water. You can easily use a shaker cup, blender, or frother to blend all the ingredients together and make yourself a great-tasting protein shake.

And you can mix matcha with any premade protein shake as well. You aren’t limited to just mixing it with protein powders to make your matcha powdered protein shake.

My recommendation is to try out the pre-made vanilla core power protein shake. This protein shake pairs really well with matcha and turns into a great-tasting matcha latte protein shake, depending on how much matcha you put in there.

Below, we’ll go over the benefits of adding matcha to your protein shake, how to make a simple matcha powder protein shake at home, and also a done-for-you solution as well.

Perfect for people with a busy schedule and want a more convenient solution…

Matcha And Green Tea

Putting Matcha Green Tea Powder In Your Protein Shakes

If you want to change up your protein shake. Adding some green tea matcha powder is a great way to elevate the taste of your shake and enjoy the benefits of matcha powder all at the same time.

Benefits of putting matcha into your protein shakes:

  • It is high in antioxidants, helping your body fight off harmful free radicals.
  • Enjoy a boost in brain function and energy.
  • Some say it can boost your body’s ability to lose weight.
  • Also helps elevate the taste of boring protein shakes.
Matcha Shake Drink

Making A Simple Matcha Protein Shake

Now, let’s talk about a super simple match protein shake recipe.

The key to making a great-tasting matcha protein shake is to use high-quality matcha powder, great-tasting protein powder, and milk (but you can use water if you prefer a lighter drink or are worried about the additional calories) and mix it thoroughly.

Choosing Your Matcha Powder

If you already have a favorite matcha powder, then be sure to use that.

If you don’t, then I recommend you take a look at Jade Leaf matcha powder on Amazon.

Jade Leaf Matcha Powder

It’s an authentic culinary-grade matcha powder sourced from Japan and even lab-tested.

You can even use this to make other recipes like cookies and cakes or just enjoy a cup of matcha.

Choosing Your Protein Powder

Same with the matcha powder, if you already have a favorite, be sure to go with that one.

If not, then I recommend you go with a vanilla-flavored protein powder. This is the flavor, in my opinion, that really allows the matcha to come through the protein shake.

My favorite vanilla protein powder at the moment is black magic’s French vanilla protein powder.

Black Magic Protein Powder

Use Your Favorite Milk Or Water

This one will really be up to you…

Personally, I like my protein shake to be thick and creamy. I prefer to use milk since it tends to thicken my shake, adds some creaminess, and also helps elevate the flavor compared to water.

But water is also a good option if you like thinner-consistency protein shakes or are just keeping an eye out on your calorie intake.

I suggest playing around with the two liquids to see which one you like better.

Now, let’s move to the final step of mixing everything together…

Matcha And Protein Powder

Mixing Matcha And Protein

You have a few different strategies when it comes to mixing matcha and protein. It’s not complicated, but you just want a thoroughly mixed drink free of clumps.

However you want to achieve this is completely up to you, but a few of the popular options are:

Woman Using A Blender


A blender ensures you will have mixed all the ingredients together thoroughly. But it can also thicken up your shake by introducing lots of air bubbles into it.

But a blender is a good choice if you are looking to add additional hard ingredients to your shake, like fruits, berries, etc.

Protein Powder Into Shaker Cup

Shaker Bottle

If you don’t plan on adding additional ingredients and want something fast and convenient. Then, shaking everything in a shaker bottle will probably be your simplest and best bet.

Just ensure you mix long and hard enough so your shake is free from any clumps or chunks.


If you don’t have a shaker bottle. An electric frother can do the job as long as you’re not adding any extra ingredients that would be better off in a blender.

This is a good way to use any regular cup and a simple way of mixing everything together.

Also, something to keep in mind

It’ll be up to you to adjust the sweetness or bitterness of your drink.

Add more matcha if you are looking for that bitter-tasting drink. Or add some sweeteners like honey or sugar if you are craving something more on the sweeter side.

Hassle-Free Way Of Enjoying Matcha Powder With Your Protein Shake

And just in case you wanted a simpler way to enjoy the benefits of matcha powder and protein together, then I recommend you check out Boba Tea Protein.

Jasmin And Matcha Boba Tea Protein

You can read my Boba Tea Protein Review there.

But Boba Tea Protein has a done-for-you protein powder that’s already mixed with green tea.

It’s a simple solution for those on the go. All you need to do is just mix their powder instead of playing around with ratios of protein powder, matcha powder, and different liquids. Instead, you’ll have it all in one bag, ready to go.

You’ll also just need to buy one powder instead of two different powders to enjoy the same thing.

Also, they have different tea flavors available too. This is perfect if you ever want to switch up the taste and flavor of your protein shakes.

Man With Protein Powder Looking At Shaker Bottle

Can You Mix Matcha With Whey Protein

Match green tea powder is a great way to add the benefits of matcha to your everyday protein shake.

Mixing matcha with whey protein is very simple. All you need to do is prepare your protein shake as you normally would and then add your favorite matcha powder to the mix. Thoroughly mix your protein shake with a blender, shaker bottle, or frother, and enjoy!

One thing you should keep in mind is to use a protein powder flavor that will pair well with your matcha powder.

Most of the time, people generally like to use vanilla protein powder to mix with matcha powder to create a protein shake that they can enjoy the flavor of matcha.

Final Thoughts About Can You Add Matcha In A Protein Shakes

By now, you should have your answer to the question if you can put matcha in protein shakes. And the good news is you absolutely can.

This is a great way to enjoy the benefits of green tea and protein all at the same time. You’ll also be able to improve the taste and flavor of your protein shake by adding matcha to it.

Lastly, you learn the 3 ways you can enjoy this powder with protein. You can either add it yourself and make your own shakes, add it to pre-made shakes you can buy in the store, or you can just get a powder with those two ingredients already mixed together for you.

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