Must Know: Adding Protein Powder To Tea And Hot Drinks

Suppose you’re an avid gym goer as well as a coffee or tea lover. Then you’ve probably wondered about adding the two ingredients together.

As a general rule, when you add protein powder directly into a hot beverage. The protein tends to not fully dissolve into the liquid and can clump up and turn into a clumpy mess. Some protein powders are designed to be mixed with hot liquid, but some might give you issues when mixing.

If you must enjoy a hot liquid. There is a strategy you can use to have a better experience when it comes to mixing your protein powder together with hot liquids like tea and coffee.

Below, I’ll talk about that method and other ways you can enjoy protein-infused tea and protein-infused coffees.

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Is It OK To Put Protein Powder In Hot Drinks

It’s perfectly fine to add protein to your hot drinks, but there can be some issues that arise when you try to mix the two directly together.

When you put protein powder directly into hot drinks, how well the two mix together can be an issue. You can end up with a hard, chunky mess. A better method is to mix protein with milk and slowly stir your hot liquids into your drink for the best mixability.

Remember that your drink’s taste and texture will change when you add a protein powder to it. Ensure you add protein powder with a flavor that will complement your drink of choice.

Below are a few more methods you can try out so you can still enjoy your tea and coffee with your protein powder of choice.

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Can You Put Protein Powder In Tea

Here are a few different mixing methods you can use to add your protein to tea or hot drinks.

What you want to avoid is directly mixing hot liquids and your protein powder together. This is usually where people run into issues with mixability.

Mixing Method One (Best In My Opinion)

The best way to put protein powder in your tea and coffee is to actually enjoy them as an iced coffee or an iced tea.

This will probably give you the fewest issues possible when mixing your protein powder with tea or coffee.

First, you’ll want to wait till your coffee or tea is at room temperature. Then, mix in your protein powder of choice. And when you are done mixing your protein powder together.

You can set your drink in the fridge to get ice cold when it gets to the cold temperature you desire. Then you can take it out and enjoy it.

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Mixing Method Two

The following method involves creating two separate drinks and then mixing them together slowly.

First, make your coffee or tea how you usually would.

Then, take a second container. This is where you are going to mix your protein with a room-temperature liquid like milk or water. The idea is to create a liquid slurry that you can easily add to your coffee or tea.

Once you’ve made this protein powder liquid slurry, you can slowly attempt to mix this into your main drink of choice.

Protein Powder With Tea And Coffee

Now that you know a few different ways to mix protein powder into coffee or tea. Let’s talk about the benefits you can get when adding protein to your tea and coffee.

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Benefits Of Adding Protein Powder To Tea

Not only are you getting the apparent benefit of the additional protein from the powder you are adding. You also enjoy the benefits of the tea you choose to drink with your protein powder.

Most teas have antioxidant benefits. Some have calming and soothing benefits and a little boost of energy from the caffeine if your tea contains any.

And if you find a perfect pair of flavored protein powder and tea. You can enjoy the benefit of a better-tasting drink to consume.

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Benefits Of Adding Protein Powder To Coffee

Adding protein powder to your coffee is a great way to turn your favorite cup of joe into a protein-packed, packed, healthier drink.

You obviously benefit from the extra protein when you add protein powder to your coffee. But you’ll also get the added benefit of energy and focus you get from coffee in general.

Not only that, but you can amplify the flavor of your drink with the right type of protein powders, and you can also ditch the creamer and use protein powder as a healthier alternative to the usual creamer you would put in your coffee.

Want more details about this topic? This blog post talks about adding protein powder to coffee in more detail.

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Can We Mix Whey Protein In Boba Tea

Another question I see get asked a lot around the is if you can add protein to your boba tea drink.

And you absolutely can add whey protein powder to your boba tea if you want to. You would follow the same methods I’ve listed above to be able to mix your protein powder into your drink.

Most boba tea is enjoyed at a colder temperature, so you probably won’t have any issues with mixability. I suggest using a shaker cup to mix the two to achieve a smooth consistency.

I’d personally do it with the boba separately, then add your drink back into the boba and enjoy

But if you are interested in tea-flavored protein powder, you don’t have to deal with all the hassle of mixing everything together. I recommend you check out Boba Tea Protein Powder.

Classic And Taro Boba Tea Protein

Boba Tea Protein Powder

Boba Tea Protein Powder offers a unique selection of protein powder flavors. Milk tea, Jasmine Tea, Matcha Latte, Vietnamese coffee, Taro milk tea, and more

Their products are made with high-quality tea and grass-fed protein powders.

You can check out my review here: Boba Tea Protein Powder Review

Conclusion To Does Protein Powder Work In Tea And Other Hot Drinks

This concludes my post on whether protein powders work in tea and other hot drinks.

By the end of this post, you should understand that you can mix your protein powder with tea and coffee. The only issue is when you try to mix protein powders directly with very hot ingredients. This can cause your protein powder to start to clump up and create a very undesirable consistency.

My recommended method is to mix your protein powders with your drink of choice when the temperature of your drink reaches room temperature. This will allow you to mix the two together easier.

And then I would enjoy an iced version of your tea or coffee instead.

I hope this post was able to answer your question and give you some value along the way. If you ever have a better method or strategy, let me know! I’d love to try it out, and if it is better than any of the ones I’ve listed, I would love to add it to my post to help others as well!

Thanks again for being here, and take care!

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