Maximizing Rest: How To Sleep After Taking Pre-Workouts

Are you finding it hard to get some sleep after taking a pre-workout? Don’t worry; I’ll explain why and how you can avoid it entirely.

In general, you will have difficulty sleeping if you’ve taken a pre-workout containing stimulants within 8 hours before you plan to get some sleep. Caffeine and other common stimulants in pre-workout are the primary reasons most people have difficulty sleeping after consuming pre-workout.

Even when the physical and mental effects of pre-workout have faded, your body will usually need up to 8 hours to fully metabolize the stimulants in pre-workouts.

Below, I’ll cover tips on taking pre-workouts before bed, so you won’t have to run into sleep issues anymore and six tips you can use to try and get some sleep if you’ve already made the mistake of consuming pre-workouts containing stimulants.

You can jump straight to the tips here: 6 Tips On How To Get Some Sleep After Taking A Pre-Workout

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Taking Pre-Workout Before Bed

You can absolutely take pre-workout before bedtime. But the catch is it has to be the correct type of pre-workout.

Here’s a post on taking a pre-workout before bed.

There, you will learn what to look for in pre-workouts that are safe to take before bedtime and still get a full night of sleep.

The main type of pre-workout you want to look for is stimulant-free pre-workouts. This will give you some benefits of a pre-workout but won’t have you laying in bed all night.

But what if you want the full effects of a pre-workout? Then you need to follow this rule and change your workout routine…

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8 Or More Hours Before Planning On Going To Sleep

Everybody will have a different tolerance when it comes to taking stimulants like caffeine. There are some people who can drink a coffee an hour or two before bed and still get some shut-eye in. (My parents were like this growing up.)

And some might take an energy drink at 4 p.m. and will have trouble getting to sleep later on.

Suppose you want to take advantage of a pre-workout with stimulants. Your best bet to get sleep after taking a pre-workout is to use it first thing in the morning and work out early in the day.

This will give you and your body the best chance at digesting and metabolizing all the stimulants before it has the chance to mess up your sleep later on in the day.

Also, you’ll want to watch for any additional caffeine you might have throughout the day. Afternoon coffees or energy drinks. These are other reasons why you might have trouble getting sleep later in the day.

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What To Do When You Can’t Sleep After Taking Pre-Workout

So we’ve talked about how to avoid sleeping issues with pre-workout and set yourself up to get a better sleep.

But what happens if you’ve already taken pre-workout late and are scrolling through your phone or computer looking for solutions to help you sleep?

Well, don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Below are some tips to help you fall asleep faster. These tips are there to just help you calm the mind and get in a state where your body is primed for sleep.

But keep in mind that depending on when, how much, and your body’s sensitivity to stimulants, some of these tips may or may not help you.

Consider Taking Sleep Aid Supplements

This is my personal go-to strategy when I’m having trouble falling asleep or dosing off at night. And has been there to help me plenty of times when I end up taking too many stimulants close to when I want to get some sleep in

You can take your favorite sleep aid supplement, like melatonin. Some people suggest using magnesium or a combination of the two.

But my personal favorite has to go with Zzzquil. This is what I use, and it has helped me fall asleep when I have trouble sleeping.

ZzzQuil Night Time Sleep Aid

Drink Some Tea

Drinking teas with calming effects like chamomile. This can help you calm down and has been used for a long time to help with relaxation.

So, if you are a big tea drinker, you can try this out to help calm your mind and body down until you fall asleep.

Relaxing Bath

Take A Bath

Taking a bath is another popular strategy to prepare the body for a restful sleep. Some argue you should use a cold bath to decrease your body’s temperature. And others argue that a warm bath does the trick for them.

I suggest going with whatever temperature will get you in a relaxing mood.

You can even play some music and use essential oils during your bath to really get you in the right frame of mind and help you start dozing off later on.

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Drink Water

If you are not a fan of tea, then…

Drinking water is an excellent way to aid your body in speeding up the process of breaking down and digesting the caffeine and other stimulants from the pre-workout.

But be careful if you drink too much water or liquids before bed. You might run into the other problem of waking up constantly and using the bathroom throughout the night.

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Get Off Social Media And Electronics

Another tip is to get off your phone or any electronic devices with screens. These devices tend to emit blue light and can disrupt your body’s ability to fall asleep.

So this is the last thing you want to be looking at, especially if you are full of stimulants from pre-workout that are already keeping your mind and body awake.

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Unwind And Calm The Mind

This last tip is a hail marry, if any of the other tips aren’t doing the trick.

The goal here is to try and relax the mind and body. (

I understand how it feels, trust me. I’ve been there laying in bed with my mind racing a million miles, thinking nonstop.

But your only option now is to do anything you can to try and zone your mind out.

Things you can try to unwind and calm the mind:

  • Mediate.
  • Lower the temperature of your room.
  • Read a book.
  • Listen to music or play white noise in the background.
  • Try focusing on breathing and counting.

Those are just a few suggestions that people use to help them fall asleep.

But honestly, the best thing you can do is to avoid this situation entirely and either workout using pre-workout first thing in the morning or use a stimulant-free pre-workout to avoid any issues with your sleep schedule.

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Which Pre-Workout Can You Take At Night

if you want to learn more about this topic in greater detail? Then check out the resource I’ve linked to down below.

Here’s everything you want to know about which pre-workout you can take at night.

In that guide, you’ll learn which pre-workouts are safe to take late at night and still get a good night’s sleep. Also, what ingredients to look out for in a pre-workout? And a few tips on how to pick the right pre-workout for you and your situation.

Final Thoughts On How To Fall Asleep After Pre-Workout

The best strategy for falling asleep after pre-workout is to avoid stimulants close to when you are trying to sleep.

Set yourself up for success and either use a stim-free pre-workout, skip pre-workout altogether, or use it early in the day.

And if you’ve already taken it and you’re reading this post late at night. I suggest using a sleep aid supplement to help you fall asleep or try any of the tips I mentioned above.

Now, make sure you get off your phone or computer, and I hope you are able to get some sleep and rest!

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