What To Mix With Protein Powder: 17 Amazing Ideas

Protein powder is a staple for any gym goer or fitness enthusiast. But sometimes, drinking the same protein shake can get boring. But, the good news is…

Protein powder can be mixed with many different ingredients. You can use water or milk for a traditional protein shake. Or you can mix protein powder with other ingredients to make protein cookies, ice cream, smoothies, waffles, or oatmeal, to name a few options.

Honestly, you can mix many different things with your protein powder. Below is a list of just a few options for what you want to mix or make out of your protein powder.

You should use this list to get your creative juices flowing and see the different ways you can utilize protein powders in your daily life to make hitting your daily protein intake easier.

Protein Powder Into Shaker Cup

What Should You Mix Protein Powder With

What’s great about this powder is that you can use it in many different ways. But, it’s important to remember…

You should choose to mix protein powder with ingredients you will enjoy eating. Protein powder is very versatile. You can mix it with many different ingredients to turn your regular vanilla protein powder into something you look forward to enjoying.

And that’s what I love about protein powder. If you get tired of drinking plain protein shakes. Then, be sure to try out some of the ideas below.

Bottled Water And Cup Of Water


Adding protein powder to water is the most basic way to enjoy protein powder. Just add protein powder into a shaker cup with water, shake, and you are good to go.

Basic, classic, and the most common thing to mix with your protein powder.

The benefit of using water is that it will not add additional calories to your protein shake, but sometimes, people do not like how protein powder tastes with plain water.

In this case, I would recommend you play around with the flavor of protein powders you are buying and the amount of water you add to your shaker bottle. This can control the consistency of your drink and might make it more enjoyable.


If you want to spice up your protein shake. The next step would be to use milk instead of water. This will give your protein powder a richer taste and a thicker consistency compared to just plain water.

The benefit of using milk is the better taste, but it comes at the cost of adding more calories to your diet. Remembering this is important if you are trying to hit certain nutrition goals throughout the day.

You can also play around with almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, full-fat dairy milk, or even coconut milk.

if you want fewer calories in your drink but a creamier drink, milk gives protein shakes. I’d suggest looking at a lower-calorie milk like almond milk.

Milk Or Water

Is It Better To Mix Milk Or Water With Protein Powder

I’ve honestly gotten this question asked so many times. Here is the blog post where I’ve answered the question: is it better to mix protein powder with milk or water in detail.

But it’ll come down to your fitness goals…

Using milk adds more calories, and water adds no calories to your protein shake. But sometimes, it is also about taste. Some prefer to mix their protein powder with milk for a creamier, better-tasting protein shake.

3 Cups Of Coffee Together


Adding protein powder to coffee has been gaining popularity. It’s a good way to boost energy and your protein intake for the day. The only thing you want to keep in mind is that protein powder has a hard time mixing in very hot drinks.

Read this post to learn more about adding protein powder to your coffee.

Tea Being Poured From Teacup


Tea is another ingredient that is getting popular to mix with protein powder. There are even companies creating tea-infused protein powder.

This one is great if you want the health benefits of tea along with your protein powder. Just be careful about the flavors you choose to mix with your tea.

Check this post about adding protein powder to tea.

It’ll give you tips on adding protein powder to your tea successfully and an alternative if you want to purchase tea-infused protein powders.


Baking with protein powder is very popular, and one of the most popular recipes out there on the internet is probably the banana nut muffin.

You can also choose to make other variations, like blueberry or chocolate muffins.

But this is a good idea if you want to make a snack you can take on the go. And you can make these in batches to be able to meal prep for later.

Blender Pouring Smoothie

Protein Smoothie

Tired of drinking your regular old vanilla protein powder? Well, the easiest way to pizzazz your protein shakes is to turn them into a smoothie.

Put your whey protein into the blender, and the world is yours. Use your favorite milk (almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, coconut milk, regular whole milk, etc.) or yogurt.

Add your favorite fruits, berries, greens, and maybe some healthy fats like peanut butter.

Then blend it all together, and you have yourself a smoothie!

Easy way to give life to your protein powder.


This one is probably one of my favorites…

I usually will make overnight oats. Where you mix protein powder with oatmeal and your liquid of choice (water, whole milk, almond milk, soy milk, etc.) Leave it in the fridge overnight.

You’ll have a bowl of oatmeal packed with protein when you wake up. The perfect breakfast protein source for early workouts or to get your day started.

But it’s important to play around with the oatmeal, protein, and liquid ratio to find the right consistency for you. You can also add honey, fruits, and berries as toppings to enjoy your protein oatmeal better.

Also, if you want to enjoy your oatmeal on the hotter side, you can learn more about adding protein powder to your oatmeal in this post.

Stack Of Chocolate Chip Cookies


Do you have a sweet tooth that you’ve been trying to satiate? Well, why don’t you give protein cookies a try?

Most recipes online are simple, mixing protein powder with bananas, oats, and sometimes peanut butter. Bake and enjoy.

There are other ways to make cookies, but that’s pretty much the simplest and most basic way.

Protein Brownies

Another popular dessert to make is brownies. Just be careful when you make these as it’s easy to start over eating them with how great they taste.

Be sure to use the right flavor to really make your brownies taste great while giving them a protein boost.

Stack Of Pancakes With Fruit

Protein Waffles/Protein Pancakes

These are pretty simple and straightforward to make. You can start off by just mixing protein powder with your pancake or waffle batter and cook them how you usually would. To give your regular pancakes and waffles a boost in protein.

Or you can follow some of the healthier pancake recipes or waffle recipes found online that make sense for your fitness goals.


Many people enjoy a protein variation of their favorite cakes. I’ve seen tres leche recipes and even tiramisu cake recipes.

Whatever cake you are craving, there is sure to be a way that you can turn it into a protein-packed dessert for you to enjoy.

And mug cakes have been pretty popular because of their convenience. This is where you mix protein powder with cake ingredients in a mug. Then pop it in the microwave and cook for a few minutes.

And boom, you have yourself a mug cake.

3 Scoops Of Ice Cream In Waffle Cones

Ice Cream

It’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy protein powder. You can use milk or cream to mix with protein powder and then pop it into an ice cream maker of your choice. Let it work its magic and boom; you’ll have a nice protein ice cream you can enjoy.

Ninja Creami For Protein Powder Icecream

The new ninja creami has been very popular lately because of its ease of use and how simple it can be to make yourself a protein ice cream for a healthy dessert.

You can check out the price of a ninja creami on Amazon here.

Protein parfait yogurt

This is a quick and easy way to get extra protein, primarily if you use non-fat Greek yogurt.

Take your whey protein and mix it with Greek yogurt. Then add your favorite toppings like fruits, berries, granola, peanut butter, honey, etc. And there you have it…

A simple protein-packed Greek yogurt parfait you can enjoy.

Protein Bars

Buying protein bars can be pretty expensive, but making your own is a great way to save some money and still enjoy the benefits of protein bars.

They are easy to make in bulk. And once they’re done, you can take them on the go. Perfect for those busy days when you don’t have much time.

Different Colorful Marshmallows

Protein Marshmallows

If you have marshmallow-flavored protein powder. You should try making protein marshmallows for yourself!

This is a fun snack to try making; you don’t have to use marshmallow-flavored protein. You can use any other flavors that sound good to your taste buds.

This is another great way to stop that sweet tooth from messing with your goals and get your protein in.

Protein Popcorn

I love snacking on popcorn, especially during the movies. But man, slathering popcorn in butter can be a quick way to fall off of your fitness goals.

Instead, you can slather your popcorn with a protein chocolate mix for a healthier alternative to buttered popcorn.

This is great if you love to snack and much on popcorn but don’t want all the extra calories from butter.

Bowl Of Protein Pudding


I personally have a very big sweet tooth, and protein pudding has been one of the staple desserts I’ve used to fight those cravings and help me stick to my diet and fitness goals.

I usually use the sugar-free jello puddings you can find at your local grocery store. I mix this with my powder and have a great-tasting dessert that has enough protein to help me hit my daily macro goals.

This one is easy to make and doesn’t take much time.

Man Smiling While Mixing Drink

There Is So Much More You Can Mix With Protein Powder

This was just the tip of the iceberg regarding what you can mix with protein powders. You are just bound by how creative your mind can get.

I hope this list has the ideas flowing in your mind and helps you come up with different ways to enjoy it besides the traditional protein shake with water.

What’s The Best Way To Mix Protein Powders

The best way to mix your protein powder really depends on what you are trying to mix it with

Suppose you are mixing protein powder with nuts, fruits, and berries. Then, you’ll be better off using a blender. If it’s just water you are trying to mix in. Then, a protein shaker bottle may be your best bet.

But there are things you might want to consider. If you want to learn more about this subject. Read this blog post on whether shaking or blending protein powder is better.

Woman Using A Blender

Conclusion To What You Can Mix With Protein Powders

This sums up my post. By now, I hope I was able to get all your ideas flowing, and I hope you were able to find a new way to enjoy your protein.

If you do end up trying one of the ideas I’ve mentioned above, please let me know. I’d love to hear how you enjoyed it. And if you want to add something to the list for others to enjoy, I would also like to hear about that!

My goal is to make the best resource on the internet when it comes to fitness. And if I was able to help you out in any way. I ask that you please share this post with someone else who might benefit from it as well.

I would appreciate that tremendously!

And thank you again for being here on my blog! I hope to catch you in the next post.

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